Where politics and love make strange bedfellows

CAMPAIGN is a fun, romantic, satirical, bittersweet, provocative musical written from today’s political headlines. It can be best described as How to Succeed in Politics Without Really Trying


Veteran jaded campaign manager STEVE MEYER finds himself working for pompous gubernatorial candidate GLENN MANN.  Against Steve’s advice and wishes, Glenn appoints his congressional aide and secret lover, smart yet naive BRENDA MALLOY, to be his press secretary.  The dignified ELAINE MANN, Glenn’s wife, puts up with his infidelities because of their children and her investment in Glenn’s political career.

Glenn’s opponent is the arrogant MALCOLM PUFFINGTON who manipulates a woman to accuse Glenn of fathering an illegitimate child.  However, a blood test proves who the baby’s father is . . . and the answer is a big surprise!

     Glenn is elected Governor, but it is clear that Elaine is going to be the power behind the throne.  Brenda refuses to continue her affair with Glenn, realizing that she had been a fool.  Besides, after a rocky start, she and Steve have fallen in love, proving once again that politics makes strange bedfellows!


Book, Lyrics & Music by

Samuel Warren Joseph

Music, Lyrics & Music Arrangements

Jon Detherage

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What Critics Are Saying

“. . . combines politics and love in a fun and enthusiastic musical play that will have the audience entertained, laughing, and singing along to an incredibly realistic political satire . . .”

Adriana Orellana
El Vaquero
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“romantic yet bitter, funny yet biting political musical play Campaign, written by Samuel Warren Joseph, with music  by Jon Detherage, is surprisingly vivid and entertaining.”

Brad Schreiber
Huffington Post
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“the power of Joseph and Detherages’ work is actually quite overwhelming and the massive intelligence of the message is one that deserves a Pulitzer.”

Randall Gray
Associated Content
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